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Anthony Cognato

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NameAnthony  Cognato
TitlePrinciple Investigator and Director of the A.J. Cook Arthropod Research Collection

Staff Profile:

My ambition is to foster a holistic view of insect systematics among my students and colleagues. In general, my research program aims to uncover systematically informative morphological and molecular characters. Once found, new methodologies for the analysis, description, and interpretation of these data are explored. Trees resulting from these studies are used to revise classifications and test evolutionary hypotheses. These objectives are applied to any insect group dependent on student interest. This holistic view is practiced in many other laboratories, which gather and integrate different data types for their systematic studies. I include "Holistic" in the name of my laboratory to emphasize the philosophy of total- evidence and to down play "gel- jock" or "dead-bug scientist" stereotypes.

View my Department of Entomology Faculty Page.